Clemap - Partner of the Month - 06.2020

Summer has officialy started and we are very proud to announce our new partner of the month for June 2020: CLEMAP



How Hemargroup manufacture PCBA for its customers?

Hemargroup is your go-to contract manufacturing solution. Being an expert for 40+ years in electronic manufacturing services, we have the cutting-edge technology to provide high-end engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing services. We can also adapt to special customer requests.
In this article we will discover our main processes and standardized tests that are made on each PCBA before leaving our plant.



Covid Doesn't Stop Hemargroup's Human Capital Investments

The impact of Coronavirus has forced many companies to rethink their strategies, especially in terms of human resources.

We at Hemargroup, confirming our commitment to our corporate social responsibility policies, have not let this pandemic stop us, but have decided to invest in improving the quality of work and the well-being of our employees.



Developing Rehab Devices: Hemargroup Medical

As an electronic device development and manufacturing company (EMS), we operate in a variety of industries, from medical to consumer electronics, supported by our certifications.

Our services range from design and engineering to mass production. In this way we are able to offer support to every company, OEM or startup, during the entire life cycle of their projects.

In this article we provide an example of engineering and prototyping in the medical field.


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