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Boom of Electronics in the Automotive Industry: what is the future of mobility?

The market for automotive software and electronics is expected to grow strongly in the next decade. What are the expected trends? How is it going to be the future of mobility?

There are major drivers of this evolution of automotive electronics, among which electronics systems for autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and the strong consumer demand for infotainment services are the protagonists.

As an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company, we operate in a variety of industries, among which automotive is one of our pillars. Our interdiscinplinary expertise and know-how in the field let us approach very closely innovation in the future of vehicles.

Read the whole article to discover the main electronic applications of today's vehicles and the expected trends of the automotive industry.



Data transmission by light is the future: discover SLUX

The demand for ultra-fast communication is increasingly pushing radiofrequencies to the limit and a technological revolution is just around the corner. What if data could be transmitted at the speed of light by light waves? Communicating by light is not black magic anymore, and the young inventor Alessandro Pasquali has made incredible achievements in the field of light communication technology, creating its own innovative startup SLUX.

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The role of Electronics in the Military & Defence industry

As an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company, we operate in a variety of industries, from consumer to medical devices. The military industry is one of our expertise, attested by our certification AQAP 2110.

Our services range from design and engineering to mass production. In this way we are able to offer support to every company, corporate or startup, during the entire life cycle of their projects.

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Reshoring as the New Trend in the Electronic Manufacturing Industry

Because offshoring increasingly entails risks and is becoming less cost-effective, the phenomenon of reshoring is becoming a trend strategy in recent times. Many corporates are considering returning their production processes to their home country, reversing the strategy adopted so far.

Electronic industry is one of the most affected by this trend, consequently leading to big changes in the supply chain.

Read the whole article to discover more about reshoring and its advantages, and why many companies are moving toward it.



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