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How to create a Prototype and convince Investors

The longed-for moment has arrived! You've found a fantastic idea, you've refined it, patented it and, after the last few steps, you've arrived at the construction of the first prototype. An extremely delicate phase, not only to test the functionality of your product, but also to collect the investments you will need for industrialization and production.

In this short post, we will give you some advice on how to create prototypes that can win over even the most skeptical investors. For over 40 years, Hemargroup has provided 360° support in the engineering, development, prototyping, industrialization and production of electronic products and devices. We have seen many successful startups!



Healing House - Partner of the Month - 10.2020

The Digital Autumn in Ticino brings a breath of innovation, and given our participation to Visionary Day, we wanted to give visibility to one of our partners, who will participate in the event with us.



What is an Electronic Manufacturing Services Company such as Hemargroup?

With the explosion of IoT and connected devices,the world of electronics is back in the spotlight. Electronic devices allow our cars to drive by themselves (almost), monitor our health, ensure the care of our closest relatives and allow us to play super-realistic games.

Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) are those offered by companies that design, engineer, prototype, test, and produce electronic parts and final products. Choosing wisely your EMS partner can give a huge advantage over your competition.



Tecnopinz - Partner of the Month - 09.2020

Summer is ending, everybody is going back to normal office routine.
In this occasion, we are very proud to announce our new partner of the month for September 2020: Tecnopinz


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