We take care of you since the beginning

We take care of you since the beginning

Materials / Components

We’ll be happy to assist you through the whole materials-purchasing process. Thank to our well-established relations with main suppliers of electronic components and our long experience on the market, we can offer a wide range of components to the best possible price. Alternatively to the main distribution channels, we also offer a cost minimization service for your end product, through our valid Second Source Suppliers network.

After Sales

If any component life-cycle is coming to a production end or is getting off-market, we will support you proposing valid alternatives.

Start-Up Support

Together with you, we create the right basis for your academic project and we help you through the industrialization of your newest products. Offering special conditions to students and small start-up companies, together we will all achieve the right success for your products.

Express service

Prototypes and small series, repairs and last-minute upgrades… Only some examples underlining the importance to have a flexible and reliable partner ready to deliver express. With our Know-How and flexibility, we can save you a lot of time: exactly when you need it.

Quality Assurance

The quality of our products is the heart of our strategy and our main goal is to offer the best service possible to our customers, starting from the raw materials and the components. In order to achieve such high standards we periodically visit our main suppliers personally and also issue exclusive certification marks.

Transport of electronic products

The transport and delivery of electronic products are done with owned vehicles. On request, we’ll counsel you on conformal electronic products transportation.

In-House Stock

Through a State-of-the-Art automatic cabinet system, we can stock your components with ideal humidity and temperature conditions. The First-In First-Out principle is guaranteed by the main controlling software and many standard components are readily available.

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