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The role of Electronics in the Military & Defence industry

As an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company, we operate in a variety of industries, from consumer to medical devices. The military industry is one of our expertise, attested by our certification AQAP 2110.

Our services range from design and engineering to mass production. In this way we are able to offer support to every company, corporate or startup, during the entire life cycle of their projects.

Read the whole article to discover some examples of engineering and prototyping in the military field and how Hemargroup can help you.




Reshoring as the New Trend in the Electronic Manufacturing Industry

Because offshoring increasingly entails risks and is becoming less cost-effective, the phenomenon of reshoring is becoming a trend strategy in recent times. Many corporates are considering returning their production processes to their home country, reversing the strategy adopted so far.

Electronic industry is one of the most affected by this trend, consequently leading to big changes in the supply chain.

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The Value of Miniaturization in the Electronic Industry

Miniaturization entails a wealth of possibilities for progress in many industries, where the demand of innovative and miniaturization solutions is constantly increasing. Innovative assembly techniques, equipment, processes and expertise are needed to tackle the challenges and push the limits of miniaturization.

The trend toward miniaturization has been redirected to a new approach which goes beyond the simple size reduction of components.

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How Europe intends to face Microchip Shortage

Microchips are becoming a highly valuable asset due to their ubiquity in today's digital world. The microchip industry is increasingly expanding and Asian's companies dominate the business.

However, the shortage of electronic components, which has been going on for more than 2 years now, is putting different industries at a hard test, hampering business growth worldwide. Especially Europe suffered a lot due to its dependence on Taiwan and the other Asian giants, and for this reason the European Commission has set a plan to reinforce the manufacturing of the microchip in the continent.

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