Hemargroup Sponsor of RoboticMinds - Smilebots Triumph at the Swiss Finals of FIRST Lego League

We are very pleased to announce our sponsorship for the 2019 - 2020 season of RoboticMinds, a project of Ated4Kids.



Mano and Lavatazzine among the top 5 winners of Boldbrain 2019 and Awardees of Hemargroup Award

We are very proud to announce that today the Boldbrain 2019 startup challenge has ended, and the final 5 winners were nominated. Among them, are the awardees of the 2019 Hemargroup Award.

Here's the final ranking of the closing ceremony

  1. Orchestra
  2. LocalPoint
  3. Mano
  4. Qikle
  5. Lavatazzine a Vapore

We are very happy and proud to contribute to the Boldbrain startup challenge prize with the Hemargroup Award: 20 consulting hours from our R&D team to the top 2 winning startups with a correlation to the electronic world selected by the Boldbrain 2019 startup challenge.

Mano, an innovative solution for ironing, has pleasantly surprised us for the scalability of the product and the idea of bringing disruptive innovation to a product that has been standardized over the last 120+ years.

Lavatazzine instead, is an interesting product for cleaning automatically the coffee cups, that we are used to using in our offices. What impressed us was the green potential of the idea, a really interesting solution to mitigate the consumption of plastics (especially coffee cups), and also the potential improvement of daily activities like drinking coffee.

As an electronic manufacturing company, we have been helping a lot of startups from developing their ideas up to manufacturing their final products. 

Our services range from engineering any electronics-related idea, to building the prototype, to developing and manufacturing the final product. Also, we offer all the support needed to successfully commercialize and grow your startup, including business and marketing advising.

Thus, Mano and Lavatazzine will receive precious consulting services, to build quickly the prototype of their product and scale up faster than ever also in electronic production.

Congratulations to all the winners, and we wish them the best of luck for the future of their brilliant companies.


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Hemargroup Award for Boldbrain 2019

Boldbrain is an accelerator aimed at “early stage” startups and ideas. The target is technological innovation and the goal is to provide participants the needed tools to assess whether their idea is valid or not and if it has the prerequisites to be transformed into a scalable business. Boldbrain provide the useful basis to start the challenging path of development of the startup.

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