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Hemargroup Introduces H-Lab: The Future of 3D Printing in Ticino


Hemargroup, a pillar of engineering and electronic manufacturing with a history spanning over 50 years in Ticino, has just opened the doors to its new 3D printing laboratory, H-Lab. But this is not just any laboratory: H-Lab is an innovation hub open to everyone, from students and private individuals to large companies.

3D printing has revolutionized the way we see production and design. With its ability to transform an idea into a tangible object in just a few hours, it has offered endless possibilities in various sectors. Hemargroup has recognized this growing demand and decided to take a step forward, offering not only printing services but also design, modeling, and reverse engineering from 3D scans.

Saverio Russo, CMO of Hemargroup, shared the company's vision: "Many of our customers seek assistance not only in electronic production but also in the mechanical part. From an additional service, this request has evolved into a complete business unit, making us a unique provider that can transform an idea into a finished product."

But H-Lab is not just for companies. It aims to be a reference point for all Ticinese. Whether it's an individual wanting to create unique pieces of furniture for their home, a professional in the field of architecture and design, a merchant looking for personalized items for their store, or a student needing to materialize a project, H-Lab is ready to welcome and support.

One of the main motivations behind the creation of H-Lab, as Russo pointed out, was the lack of 3D printing services accessible to private individuals in Ticino, despite the presence of such services in nearby regions.

With H-Lab, Hemargroup aims to fill this gap, offering everyone in the canton the opportunity to experience and benefit from the wonders of 3D printing.

For those wishing to learn more or get in touch with the H-Lab team, Hemargroup has launched a dedicated website: www.hlab-printing.com.

Who is Hemargroup?

With over half a century of experience in Ticino, Hemargroup is a leader in engineering and electronic manufacturing. The company is known for its dedication to innovation and its wide range of services, from design to the production of electronic products. With the opening of H-Lab, Hemargroup continues its commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

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