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The 5 Steps of a PCB Assembly Process

When you reach the production phase of an electronic device, being a Corporate or a Startup, the PCB assembly phase starts. While in the past this activity required a manual assembly line, which naturally benefited from Asian manufacturers due to reduced labor costs, today this is no longer the case: this activity is in fact carried out entirely or at least mostly (depending on the complexity of the product) in an automated manner.

In this short article we will see the 5 steps of a PCB assembly line, a key service offered by any Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Company like Hemargroup.



5 tech trends in 2021 that will change electronics companies

Sustainability, flexibility and AI are the keywords for the 2021 innovations in the electronic industry.



Hemargroup Electronics Manufacturing: Are you ready for the mass market?

During our 40+ years of experience in the electronic engineering and manufacturing industry, we have worked with hundreds of companies and startups to develop their electronic devices. After successful prototyping and first production runs, the long-awaited moment comes: mass market production.

But are you ready to launch your product to the mass-market? Find out with us in this guide.



Hemargroup: electronics manufacturing services in numbers

The electronic manufacturing services industry is often unknown to those who do not operate in this sector. In fact, it's much easier for an ordinary person to know Apple's numbers than Foxconn ones, the historic iPhone manufacturing supplier.

At Hemargroup we believe that it is important to bring our sector to the general public, both because electronics is now present in our everyday's life and because it is fascinating to explore a world that contributed moving forward the whole human race.

In this article you will find our metrics, introducing you to a reality committed to local development, but with a background of international experience.


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