FutureCare - Partner of the Month - 07.2020

Summer has finally arrived and we are very proud to announce our new partner of the month for July 2020: FutureCare



HG-Pills: Why is DFM (Design For Manufacturing) important for any PCB Design

Imagine going through the final stages of your product design journey and getting ready to bring your product to the market, but you discover errors in the final fabrication or assembly process. You start thinking all the things that could have gone wrong — was it my PCB layout? Was it the materials used? Why are my prototypes different from the final industrialized product? A correct DFM analysis can help solve these problems, but (better) can mitigate their existence right from the beginning, and having the right partner at your side is one of the best choice you can do to implement a correct DFM procedure.



Clemap - Partner of the Month - 06.2020

Summer has officialy started and we are very proud to announce our new partner of the month for June 2020: CLEMAP



How does Hemargroup manufacture its PCBA?

Hemargroup is your go-to contract manufacturing solution. Being an expert for 40+ years in electronic manufacturing services, we have the cutting-edge technology to provide high-end engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing services. We can also adapt to special customer requests.
In this article we will discover our main processes and standardized tests that are made on each PCBA before leaving our plant.


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