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PCBA Manufacturing: Is Reshoring Right for You?

In the shifting landscape of global manufacturing, the concept of reshoring - bringing manufacturing operations back to a company's home country - has gained significant traction. This trend is particularly relevant in the field of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), where precision, quality, and efficiency are paramount.



From AQAP2110 to Innovation: Why Do Vanguard Military Companies Choose Hemargroup as their EMS?

The military is one of the most demanding and rigorous industries when it comes to standards and quality of electronic devices. With missions often depending on the accuracy, timeliness and reliability of equipment, there is no room for error. And that's where Hemargroup comes in. Hemargroup is not new to the world of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). For more than 50 years, as Swiss excellence, we have provided cutting-edge EMS solutions to numerous technologically advanced industries, ranging from innovative start-ups to international corporations. But what makes Hemargroup such an attractive partner, particularly for the military sector? Let's find out.



Hemargroup Triumphs: Awarded Switzerland's Top Electronics Manufacturing Solutions Company for 2023

In the dynamic world of electronics manufacturing, Switzerland has long been a beacon of precision, innovation, and unparalleled quality. This year, our dedication to these principles was recognized on a grand scale as we, Hemargroup, were honored with the title of "Top Electronics Manufacturing Solutions Company in Switzerland for 2023" by the prestigious Manufacturing Technology Insights magazine.



Hemargroup Introduces H-Lab: The Future of 3D Printing in Ticino

Hemargroup, a pillar of engineering and electronic manufacturing with a history spanning over 50 years in Ticino, has just opened the doors to its new 3D printing laboratory, H-Lab. But this is not just any laboratory: H-Lab is an innovation hub open to everyone, from students and private individuals to large companies.


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