5 steps to developing your tech product

So, you’re already dreaming of your great app or the next program to create... now what? If you are a developer, CEO, product manager, or brilliant startupper, turning your rough idea into a working piece of technology will require expertise and a great deal of passion.



9 must-know IoT examples before developing your own device

The Internet of Things is continually affecting our everyday life. From our home to our office and car, we are surrounded by smart devices that help us live a more peaceful and organized existence.



4 reasons why your tech company should use an IoT device

2018 will be a very peculiar year for the Internet of Things. In fact, the public and the experts still cannot find a common language to define this phenomenon, and for this reason, there are different opinions, from marketers on one side, and psychologists and sociologists on the other.



What is IoT and why your tech Startup should take advantage of it today

Running a Tech Startup in 2018 is not as easy as it seems: even with a great pitch of for your idea, you still need to rush around to convince investors, boost your digital marketing-efforts in order to improve brand awareness, and the list goes on. And the most important thing? Constantly improving a market-fit product that can help you achieve scalability as quick as possible.


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