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Electronic Manufacturing Services

Hemargroup is your go-to contract manufacturing solution. Expert for 40+ years in electronic manufacturing services, we have the cutting-edge technology to provide high-end engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing services.



Electronic Manufacturing Services 101

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) defines companies that develop, produce, manufacture, test, distribute and provide return / repair services for electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). You can also refer to as electronic contract manufacturing (ECM). An EMS offers services also to entrepreneur, startups and companies, moving their first steps into the electronic world.


Best-in-class electronic contract manufacturing company

For more than 40 years, and in numerous technologically challenging industries, we have been a Swiss Excellence partner for the growth of our customers through product life-cycle management strategies and reliable electronic manufacturing services. Constantly updated on the latest technology trends, we support and enable your success from the latest product launch to reverse engineering and obsolescence management, thanks to our electronic manufacturing solutions, no matter your industry.

Hemargroup, for more than 40 years, has been the electronic manufacturing partner for international corporations and innovative startups, ready to take their product to the next level, ensuring Swiss-made precision, quality, and the full-traceability on each single component and product.

Full Traceability and Quality Assurance: Swiss-Made Excellence

Hemargroup's Swiss-Made quality is well known in the international market. We respect deadlines and specifications, to ensure the maximum satisfaction for our customers.

Our extensive digital tracking system can monitor every single component and process, ensuring complete traceability, from the warehouse to the final product.

All production processes are constantly monitored through a smart BI infrastructure. Each PCBA with its own QR Code is compliant with IPC international norms, ensuring maximum quality, and full traceability, from the single PCB up to the final product.

A state of the art BOM and ERP Software ensure flawless attention on customers' needs and flexibility towards express and special services.

certificazioni_nuove Download the list of our ISO certifications to verify our 0-compromises quality policy or watch the video below.

To us, Swiss-Made is not only a brand, but a core founding value of our group. 

Download Our ISO Certifications 


Electronics Manufacturing Services and Key figures


Automated Inline SMD and THT Production and Assembly

  • 4000+ m2 Production area

  • 1,9+ Mio. assembled components per day

  • Single Piece Traceability

  • Handling of FR4, ALU, FLEX, PTFE

  • AOI integrated on all Assembly lines

  • Micro-component from 008004 (Imperial) / 0201 (Metric)

  • Max. PCB size: 1600mm x 600mm

  • 1x SMD-AOI-THT-AOI High Flow Fully Automated Assembly Line

  • 2x SMD-AOI High Speed Assembly lines

  • 1x SMD Special Dimension Assembly line with automatic dispensing

  • 1x SMD Assembly Island for prototypes and small series

  • 4x Reflow Oven (20/16 zones)

  • 2x THT-AOI Automated Assembly lines

  • 4x Wave-Soldering machines

  • Pulse Heat Soldering

  • 1x Selective Soldering



Testing and Programming

  • Automatic and Manual optical inspections

  • 18x ICT/FCT Test Stations

  • X-Ray inspections

  • In-Circuit Test

  • Functional Test

  • Custom-made Run-In routines

  • Nail adapter construction

  • First/Final proofing

  • Planning of long-time testing

  • Planning of test routines from prototypes to mass series

  • Creation of specific test programs



Rework, Repairs and Updates

  • Error Analysis

  • X-Ray Test

  • BGA Rework Station

  • Repairs and Upgrades



Mechanical and Final Assembly

    • Automatic and Manual Optical Inspections
    • Final Mechanical Assembly

    • Cabling

    • Complex Product Integration

    • Casing & Packaging



Warehouse and Logistics

  • 1000+ m2 Automated Stock area

  • Temperature/Humidity Monitoring and Control

  • Just-in-Time Planning

  • Guaranteed FIFO Management

  • Final Product Packaging

  • B2B and B2C Logistic Management

  • International Shipping

  • Express Delivery




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