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From AQAP2110 to Innovation: Why Do Vanguard Military Companies Choose Hemargroup as their EMS?

Photo of a state-of-the-art electronic device designed for military use, with a backdrop of a secure military facility, highlighting precision and security.

The military is one of the most demanding and rigorous industries when it comes to standards and quality of electronic devices. With missions often depending on the accuracy, timeliness and reliability of equipment, there is no room for error. And that's where Hemargroup comes in. Hemargroup is not new to the world of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). For more than 50 years, as Swiss excellence, we have provided cutting-edge EMS solutions to numerous technologically advanced industries, ranging from innovative start-ups to international corporations. But what makes Hemargroup such an attractive partner, particularly for the military sector? Let's find out.


AQAP2110 Certification and Beyond: A Tradition of Excellence

AQAP2110 certification is just the tip of the iceberg. Hemargroup is well known in the international market for its "Swiss-Made" quality, a dedication that goes beyond just the brand name and becomes a core value of the group. With a digital tracking system that monitors each and every component and process, Hemargroup ensures complete traceability from the warehouse to the final product, ensuring that specifications and deadlines are met.

Infrastructure and Advanced Manufacturing Capability

With a production area of more than 4,000 m², Hemargroup assembles more than 1.9 million components per day, ensuring traceability of every single part. With automated and state-of-the-art assembly lines such as the SMD-AOI-THT-AOI High Flow and special size assembly lines, Hemargroup handles micro components from 008004 (Imperial) / 0201 (Metric) and PCBs up to 1600mm x 600mm in size. By using the latest manufacturing technologies and the most efficient processes, we assure our military customers that every component produced will not only meet, but exceed expectations. In addition to AQAP2110 certification, we offer renowned Swiss precision and meticulousness. This combination creates a potent cocktail of engineering precision and strict compliance. When the stakes are high, military companies know they can rely on Hemargroup for devices that will work every time, without exception.

Testing and Quality Control

Each manufactured part undergoes automatic and manual optical inspections, X-Ray testing, in-circuit testing, and functional testing. With 18 ICT/FCT test stations, Hemargroup ensures that each product meets the highest specifications and quality standards. Our automated testing ensures performance and quality. We also adapt to all the custom tests that customers require of us, for maximum flexibility and adherence to the highest quality standards. But we do not stop at mere compliance and accuracy. Recognizing the growing needs of the modern military sector, the company actively engages in research and development, anticipating future needs and proposing innovative solutions. Whether it's new manufacturing technologies or more energy-efficient solutions, Hemargroup leads the way, making it the ideal EMS partner for military companies looking to the future.

Additional Services and Logistics

At Hemargroup, we see each contract not as a simple transaction, but as the beginning of a partnership. Working closely with military companies, we ensure that we fully understand our customers' needs, customizing solutions and ensuring smooth communication throughout the production process. In addition to manufacturing, we offer a full range of services, including repairs, upgrades, final mechanical assembly and logistics management. With over 1,000 m² of automated warehouse space, we guarantee international shipping, express delivery, and both B2B and B2C logistics management.


In an era of rapid technological change and increasing global threats, military companies need an EMS partner they can rely on without reservation. With ourcombination of AQAP2110 certification, Swiss precision and commitment to innovation, we position ourselves as the natural choice for cutting-edge military companies. With Hemargroup, the military gets not just a supplier, but a reliable partner for the future .The combination of Swiss excellence, vast experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities make Hemargroup the ideal choice for military companies seeking a trusted EMS partner. With an uncompromising dedication to quality and a commitment to innovation, we continue to set the standard in the EMS world.


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