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Electronic Electronic Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services


Hemargroup is your go-to contract manufacturing solution. Expert for 40+ years in electronic manufacturing services, we have the cutting-edge technology to provide high-end engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, PCBA assembly and testing services.


Electronic Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services (PCBA) 101

Electronic Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services are the core of Hemargroup. Since the acquisition of SEFA SA, we enforce our ability to follow any electronic company from the idea to the final market launch. With Hemargroup, your product will be immediately ready for customers.

Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) has been one of our core expertises for 40+ years, focus on assembling, manufacturing sub electronic systems and full products. Through our extensive experience and cutting-edge standardized equipment, we, as an EMS Swiss Excellence, are able to support your project from A to Z.  We have the expertise and tools to assembly SMD and THT components, ensuring the maximum precision and quality.

Using Design for Manufacturing and Design for excellence best practices, our engineering team is ready to create product that can be manufactured and assemble without errors or delays. We offer a 360° service, to assist every client, from the development of the idea to its launch on the market.

From 008004 (Imperial) / 0201 (Metric): we handle the smallest size possible, in line with the miniaturization of the electronics industry and market requirements.

Our lean manufacturing principles, continuous improvement, and single piece traceability, we provide the Swiss Made level of quality to any of our customers. Hemargroup is the perfect Electronic Manufacturing Services Partner for any company or startup looking for a solid, reliable and European partner. Quality is not negotiable.

We are proud to be ambassador of Swiss-Made at an international level. As a production and assembly company for electronic printed circuit boards, we make sure that your products are ready for the market. At Hemargroup, you will find skills and resources to support you through design for excellence. In addition,  we are an international benchmark for PCB, layout design and mechanical design. 


On Demand Electronic PCBA SMD and THT Services

As a partner to startups, SMEs and large companies, we have developed expertise and obtained strategic certifications, becoming an exceptional support for the growth of our clients. Leveraging the latest technologies and independently from the life cycle of your product, we support you to succeed. Our engineering, electronics manufacturing and logistics management services are cross-industry excellence.

Hemargroup, for over 40 years, has been the electronic production partner of international companies and innovative startups, ready to take their product to a higher level. We guarantee Swiss-Made precision and quality, as well as complete traceability of every single component and product.


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