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Hemargroup is your go-to contract manufacturing solution. Expert for 40+ years in electronic manufacturing services, we have the cutting-edge technology to provide high-end engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing services. We are committed to work with startups, SMEs or corporates and we develop every project applying passion and best practices. We are proud to share our success cases with you.



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Airbie is a smart bike lock, based on GPS and IoT Connectivity, LoRa (low/no data cost), and Bluetooth. The device can be easily installed on any bike in just a few minutes and it can be controlled directly by the AirBie app. Moreover, if used for city bikesharing, the smart bike lock can monitor the whole fleet with a smart city analytics software.

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AlertGenius is an exclusive patented intrusion detection system, enabling constant surveillance of your home or other spaces. The high-tech device is able to recognise authorised people, by checking if a person or even an animal has a valid access allowance. 

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Clemap is active in the field of energy and sustainability. The IoT Edge Device with an intelligent measuring system informs and reduces the energy consumption enabling money saving measures. Using current and voltage sensors, the device is able to evaluate the electrical footprints on the grid, thank to sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

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Daxtro is a high-tech device for the optimal cleaning of plumbing systems through the removal and prevention of limestone, rust, algae, bio-film and Legionella bacteria. It improves efficiency by saving energy and extending household appliances' life. It uses a multi-frequency signal distributed through the water to all pipes that make up the hydraulic system.


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In collaboration with Gimasi, our main partner in IoT products, different projects have been developed for different companies. Adaptable electronic modules have been produced which can be adapted for different uses and functions, in accordance with the level of electronic complexity required.


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motuSML is the first cloud-independent Artificial Intelligence based on Edge AI. Benefits of such cutting-edge technology allows businesses to harness the full potential of data, to get real-time analytics in all devices in the edge. It offers the chance to exploit novel Machine Learning algorithms in a fast, cost-effective, energy-efficient and secure way.                                     

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RiPaSTI by Hemargroup

RiPaSTI (Rilevazione Passaggi Sentieri Ticinesi), engineered in collaboration with Ente Turistico Luganese, is a complex LoRa based IoT sensor embedded in a 1 sqm platform. Able to detect and count people, bikes and animals passing on it, its algorithm can distinguish walking from running, detecting the direction as well. Direct purchase is available through Hemargroup.

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xFarm Technologies

xFarm is the platform created by farmers for farmers which allows you to enter into digital farming in a simple and comprehensive way. It allows to manage the supply chain, to monitor and trace agronomic practices with sensors, as well as to get analytics and support for the decision-making process, all through the xFarm application.                                                  


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The support you deserve to launch your business 

As a partner to startups, SMEs and corporates, we have developed expertise and obtained strategic certifications, becoming an exceptional support for the growth of our clients. Leveraging the latest technologies and independently from the life cycle of your product, we support you to succeed. Our engineering, electronics manufacturing and logistics management services are cross-industry excellence. In addition, with a selected rose of partners in incubation and acceleration programs, we are equipped to support your project from end-to-end, successfully bringing it to market in record times enhancing your chances of success

Hemargroup, for over 40 years, has been the electronic production partner of international companies and innovative startups, ready to shake the world. We guarantee Swiss-Made precision and quality, as well as complete traceability of every single component and product.

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