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InkVivo wins Boldbrain Startup Challenge 2021. Congrats to Ethafa and motuSML, winners of the Hemargroup Award

As every year, yesterday took place the Boldbrain Startup Challenge 2021. Among many and interesting Startups, we are very proud to announce that this edition of Boldbrain has ended and counts two Hemargroup Award 2021 winners among the 10 finalists.



Hemargroup: Digital Transformation and Industry 5.0 in the Electronic Manufacturing

The technological transformation is leading companies into an innovation rush. Innovation is the key point and quickly adopting and adapting to cutting-edge technologies is extremely important. The change over time is so fast that we already talk about industry 5.0, where digitalizing all business areas is just the first step. But how did we come so far with technology? How manufacturing companies can benefit from the transition towards industry 5.0?

Let's do a quick rundown of the transformation from industry 1.0 to the ongoing 5.0, with a particular focus on electronics manufacturing.




Hemargroup: Global Outlook on Electronics Supply Chain

The shortage of components in the electronic industry is not yet come to an end and the pandemic currently remains the biggest cause of it. While supply chain disruptions hamper business growth, the demand of electronic components keeps staying high worldwide, creating not irrelevant difficulties.

Let's have a look on the imminent trends of the electronic industry.



Hemargroup: Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services for Medtech

In this article we will explore the future trends of the medtech industry and how a certified EMS company like us can help you overcome all the challenges associated to engineering, producing and launching a successful medtech product.


Electronic Manufacturing & Services