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How Europe intends to face Microchip Shortage

Microchips are becoming a highly valuable asset due to their ubiquity in today's digital world. The microchip industry is increasingly expanding and Asian's companies dominate the business.

However, the shortage of electronic components, which has been going on for more than 2 years now, is putting different industries at a hard test, hampering business growth worldwide. Especially Europe suffered a lot due to its dependence on Taiwan and the other Asian giants, and for this reason the European Commission has set a plan to reinforce the manufacturing of the microchip in the continent.

Read the whole article to understand why microchips are so important and discover the global and European situation of the microchip industry.




Why you should introduce a Sustainable Supply Chain and avoid Greenwashing: the SKKIP research

We believe that integrating sustainable values in the core businesses is vital to stay competitive and to play a role in shaping a sustainable future for the world we live in.

There is always place for improvement and it is important to constantly monitor performances in order to achieve great goals by addressing and enhancing change and innovation. For this reason we took part in the SKKIP research to assess our sustainability performances.

Read the whole article to better understand concepts like the Supply Chain Sustainability and the phenomenon of Greenwashing, and how Hemargroup is making progress in this direction.



Hemargroup introduces flexible TPU 3D Printing

Innovation keeps flowing in Hemargroup. We have just introduced the TPU 3D printing to expand our prototyping solutions.

TPU is extremely flexible, which allows us to design and develop more sophisticated solutions in the electronic and mechanical industry. 

Read the whole article to better understand the advantages of TPU and learn how at Hemargroup we introduced them in the prototyping and production processes.



Hemargroup achieves a New Certification ISO 14001 on Environmental Management System

Hemargroup's Swiss-Made quality is well known in the international market. Thanks to our 100% traceability and quality assurance we are a best-in-class EMS company and our ISO certifications show our commitment to always deliver an excellent service.

We are proud to announce our fresh and new certification ISO 14001, which attests the environmental responsibilities of Hemargroup.



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