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HSCS helps Startups and SMEs: we engineer ideas


The world of startups is very exciting but at the same time very challenging. Developing an innovative product in the electronic industry could be very complicated and facing it all alone could be fateful for startups or very negative for SMEs. If you are about to develop an electronic product, you might want to consider outsourcing the engineering.

Have a look on the advantages of outsourcing the engineering, and how our R&D department of HSCS helps startups and SMEs in the whole lifecycle of a new product, guaranteeing the best possible solution.

Read the whole article to discover why you should outsourcing engineering and how we can help you in the whole process.

Why you should outsourcing engineering

If you are an entrepreneur and you would like to develop an electronic product, you might want to consider outsourcing the engineering. The development of an electronic innovation is challenging and could be all but linear. In addition, it requires a high level of engineering specialization. What are the advantages of outsourcing engineering instead of building your own prototype? Here you are the main advantages:

1. Reducing labor costs: due to the expertise and high specialization of engineering providers, the prototyping process is faster, which means you can significantly reduce time and costs of the development, as well as yield savings on the overall development lifecycle.

2. Accessing to the last know-how and cutting-edge technologies: specialized outsourced engineering providers constantly invest in the newest technology that may not be feasible for an ordinary business to acquire, which however is fundamental for achieving an optimized product. Moreover, the highly trained professionals working at the outsourcing provider form a deep talent pool with valuable skills that, for a company to hire such professionals full-time, would be too costly.

3. Fast turnaround and flexibility: a specialized company on engineering is structured to move a project from intake to completion efficiently. It follows rules, guidelines and set deadlines while honing and perfecting its processes to satisfy client demands. At the same time, because of the quality of the provider’s team of experts and technology, things are not “rushed through” in ways that negatively impact the final product and flexibility in the processes is assured.

4. Access to support: outsourced engineering providers offer 360° support to clients, for any questions or concerns they might have, and are able to address further requests.

The risk of not relying to a third-party specialized company, especially if you are a startup, is the lack of a quality product which results in a lack of market fit and this could cause serious problems to the company or startup, in the worst case leading to its own bankruptcy. For this reason, partnering with a EMS company from the early development and prototyping could be crucial for the success of the innovation.


How we help startups to achieve industrialization

HSCS is responsible of the R&D department, founded in 2017 and incorporated in Hemargroup, together with SEFA SA and Hemar AG. Before arriving at the industrialisation phase, usually there are many steps to follow and often the path is far from linear. For an electronic product, when starting from a pure conceptual idea, it is necessary to carry out a Proof of Concept of the conceptual design, a feasibility and market analysis, to inquire about possible patents and intellectual property protection, and define the project specifications as much as possible. Only after these steps the electronic and mechanical engineering development should start. In almost all cases, this phase requires an iterative process of tests and trials to achieve the maximum optimisation of the product and a prototype ready for industrialisation. After testing and all the necessary verifications, the prototype is ready to be mass-produced and marketed. The industrialisation of an electronic product requires a high level of engineering specialization for the development and an advanced infrastructure for the mass production, which is why companies or startups usually rely on an electronics manufacturing services partner. 

How can HSCS help startups and SMEs to achieve industrialization?

If the starting point is already a self-made prototype, the first step is all the necessary quality and safety checks that often lead to the identification of problems and improvement points. To achieve prototype optimization, an assembly board analysis, technical and documentation analysis, blank board analysis and testability analysis are carried out. Once the prototype has been optimized and approved, it is ready for mass production, which takes place along a complex chain of machines with very specific functions. If you start from a rough idea, the engineering team will assess the feasibility and once it is approved, the prototyping process can start. 

Have a look at what we offer to help you with your project:




At HSCS, we count a team of 8+ engineers with multidisciplinary know-how, covering mechanical, electronic and software engineering. All engineers of our R&D team work together and this close-knit collaboration allows us to provide the best excellent result and the most optimized solution for a new product. The engineers have different backgrounds and experiences in a variety of tech industries, guaranteeing HSCS to have a complementary expertise in many tech industries.





Design for Excellence (DfX) consists of methods, guidelines and standards that enable the development and subsequent production of products with the highest possible quality. Adopting the principle of DfX as an integral part of the product development process results in higher quality products, lower costs and shorter product development cycles. HSCS has been operating according to this principle from the beginning, with product quality at its core. In fact, as part of Hemargroup, we are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, which guarantee high quality in all processes.




Design for Manufacturing (DfM) is the engineering design practice that aims to simplify the manufacturing process of parts and all electronic components that are required for the final product. This makes manufacturing and assembly easier, and consequently reduces product manufacturing costs. In addition, following this practice allows potential problems to be identified and resolved at the design stage, when it is less costly to address them, rather than later on in the production process. Following this principle is common practice at HSCS.                              




As part of Hemargroup, we are directly connected with the production department. Being under the same group, we can guarantee a smooth and direct flow from the development to the mass production and industrialization of a product. this way, we can offer a 360° service in the electronic industry, providing a safe and reliable development and production for startups and SMEs in many tech industries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       




HSCS accompanies you not only in the technical development and prototyping, but also supports startups in the business development of the product by offering consulting based on our experience in the world of startups. The industrialisation phase of an electronic product can be highly complicated as it requires a very high level of specialisation. During this phase, it is indeed necessary to set up monitoring actions in advance in order to be able to constantly assess the progress of the project and the shortcomings to be resolved.  




As the R&D department of an EMS company, we have expertise in the Aerospace, Industrial & Consumer Electronics, GreenTech, Smart Home & Buildings, Smart Wearables, Lighting, Telecommunication, MedTech, IoT & Sensors, Defense & Military. Since 2017, we have had more than 80 projects, completed or still work in progress. Our diversified expertise is also possible thanks to a multidisciplinary team of engineers, specialized in different tech industries.                                                                                                 



What is like working with us

At HSCS, we are a dynamic and motivated young team of engineers, ready for to the most crazy projects and open to every challenge. Our R&D department is growing and since 2017 we completed many projects from corporates, SMEs or even startups, leading products to commercialization.
Our R&D team is composed by mechanic, electronic and software engineers, who work together to deliver the best solution in the fastest time. Our R&D team works according to time and costs optimization, following strict guidelines to ensure swiss quality and reliability. As part of Hemargroup, our certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 and AQAP 2110 testify our quality processes and internal operations within the company. Offering all electronic services allows us to have a linear and smooth communication along the project development between the engineering and production departments, preventing many issues.  Nonetheless, our engineering team is carefully instructed to be close to the customers and to address any request.
If you have a self-made prototype but you would like to have a professional product optimization, if you have a problem but you do not have a sufficient expertise in electronics, or again if you have an idea and are you looking for a reliable Electronics Manufacturing Partner, you are in the right website. With almost 50 years of experience in the electronic manufacturing, we offer 360° electronic services at whatever development stage you are with your product.
For almost 50 years, we have been a Swiss Excellence partner for the growth of our customers through product life-cycle management strategies and reliable electronic manufacturing services. Constantly updated on the latest technology trends, we can lead to the latest product launch to reverse engineering and obsolescence management, thanks to our electronic manufacturing solutions.

Do you need advices in the electronics industry? Do not hesitate to contact us:

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