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AliperTherapeutics wins Boldbrain Startup Challenge 2022. Congrats to GiPSy, winners of the Hemargroup Award


As every year, yesterday took place the Boldbrain Startup Challenge 2022. Among many and interesting Startups, we are very proud to announce that this edition of Boldbrain has ended and counts one Hemargroup Award 2022 winners among the 10 finalists.

Here's the final ranking of the closing ceremony:

  1. AliperTherapeutics
  2. AQUAtryp®
  3. Zario
  4. GiPSy
  5. Revozona

Additionally GiPSy won the Hemargroup award. We are very happy and proud to contribute to the Boldbrain Startup Challenge prize with the Hemargroup Award: 20 consulting hours from our R&D team to the top  winning startups selected by the Boldbrain Startup Challenge and which are, on top of that, very close to the electronic world.


GiPSy is a 'smart' buoy that, like a drone, is equipped with an electric motor system that mantains the position automatically thanks to Gps, and thus no anchoring is required.It can be used in the the sporting world, from sailing to powerboating, from rowing to cross-country swimming, an it is already working on the most prestigious race courses in Italy and Switzerland.

As an electronic manufacturing company, we have been helping a lot of startups from developing their ideas up to manufacturing their final products. 

Our services range from engineering any electronics-related idea, to building the prototype, to developing and manufacturing the final product. Also, we offer all the support needed to successfully commercialize and grow your startup, including business and marketing advising.

Thus, GiPSy will receive precious consulting services, to build quickly the prototype of their product and scale up faster than ever also in electronic production.

Congratulations to all the winners, and we wish them the best of luck for the future of their brilliant companies.


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