Bibus - Partner of the Month - 02.2020

February has just started, and we are very proud to announce our new partner of the month: Bibus.



HG-Pills: How to Measure Low Value Resistances

At Hemargroup, we are at the forefront of the design and manufacture of electronic components. With the new section HemarPills we want to share some of the best practices of our industry, to help simple electronics enthusiasts and companies, in the development of their projects.



12 Qualities of Exceptional Engineers

From the design and prototyping of electronic components to production for companies and start-ups, we at Hemargroup are used to talking to teams of engineers and product experts every day. In our more than 40 years in the business, we have learned to recognize the difference between a great engineer and an untalented one.



Belimo Partner of the Year 2019-2020

Hemargroup is recognizing every month a special partner. But there are even more outstanding "travelling companions" who not only help and support us in our corporate mission, but also offer a collaboration that surprises us in terms of quality and trust year after year.

Therefore, without further ado, we appoint Belimo as our Partner of the Year 2019-2020.

Belimo is a leading global manufacturer of innovative actuator, valve, and sensor solutions for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It was founded in 1975 when a team of 6 visionaries decided to make the HVAC world more efficient. The name itself, Belimo, defined the company's mission: Beraten (Consult), Liefern (Deliver), Montieren (Install).

The years go on, and while Belimo reaches some innovations, such as the SM15 module, the first direct-coupled damper actuator to be installed directly on the damper shaft, thus cutting the needed installation time by 65%, it also grows in Europe at dizzying rates. The quality of its products, combined with innovation, allowed Belimo to become famous throughout the world, making the US debut in 1988 and then expanding to Canada and South America.

Thanks to the revenues growth, which now exceeds half a billion, in 1995 Belimo made an IPO on the Swiss Stock Exchange, and in 1997 entered the Asian market.

Today, after 45 years, Belimo has about 1800 employees worldwide and is present in more than 70 countries.

As Hemargroup, we are very grateful to Belimo for all these long years of collaboration, where we have been able to observe the quality and trust that have always distinguished Belimo, providing them with our services in engineering and electronic production.

Belimo has become an ambassador of our electronics kwowledge and technology, all around the world.

We are therefore thrilled to recognize Belimo's excellent work through the appointment as Partner of the Year 2019-2020.

We're looking forward to continue our amazing collaboration. Thanks, Belimo!

 Learn more about Belimo at https://www.belimo.ch



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