How the IoT is inspiring niche startups: Home security

Not so long ago, computers were the only devices connected to the internet. It hardly seems possible today, especially if you’re a young entrepreneur in search of new niche businesses.

These days, an incredible number of products are connected to the web: fridges, watches, clothing, vehicles, thermostats, lights, alarm systems. It's estimated that by 2020, over 20 billion objects will be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).



Which products are most likely to go viral

We all need electronic devices if we’re to lead happy, independent lives. So if you’re a young electronics specialist looking for new products to design, which are the most likely to achieve large-scale consumer takeup?



All you need to know about IoT prototyping

Microsoft and SAP may be big hitters in new connected technology, but it’s also becoming a major force in unexpected, everyday places like farms, kitchens, and basketball courts.

Mastering the Internet of Things requires a clear understanding of its dynamics.



5 easy, cost-effective ways to turn your startup idea into a prototype

Imagine you’ve got a product idea that’s ready for launch, but you haven’t given any real thought to pre-production prototyping. You've taken on a team of great developers, your user experience guru has worked for some of the country's leading startups, and your designer is incredibly talented. You've taken months to perfect the app you always dreamed of creating.


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