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Hemargroup receives Watt d'Or 2024 award along with CLEMAP


Hemargroup is proud to announce the recognition received with the prestigious Watt d'Or 2024 award as a partner of CLEMAP. An important milestone with a client who has demonstrated great innovation and kindly mentioned us as an industry partner during their award ceremony.

A beautiful award:

The Watt d'Or is a prestigious Swiss award, established in 2006 by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), to honor companies and organizations that distinguish themselves in the energy field. The award highlights those who develop pioneering technologies, launch innovative products and set new standards for practical solutions that combine comfort, aesthetics and profitability.

The 2024 winners are: AEW Energie AG together with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (category "Energy Technologies"), Cham Group AG together with Andy Wickart Haustechnik AG, Alfacel AG and pom+Consulting AG (category "Renewable Energy"), CLEMAP AG in collaboration with Otto Fischer AG (category "Efficient Mobility") and Knonau-Maschwanden-Mettmenstetten Middle School together with Pro-Energie GmbH (category "Buildings and Spatial").

CLEMAP's Excellence:

CLEMAP is a company specializing in energy data analysis, platform and meter delivery in the emerging smart energy metering, submetering and IoT market. They use machine learning to analyze smart meter data, automating processes and reducing the need for human intervention. Their hardware and software help to know, optimize and reduce energy consumption. CLEMAP solutions are intelligent systems that inform customers about current energy consumption. They also provide energy analytical support and optimization of energy consumption to residential customers, small and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations. CLEMAP is recognized for Swiss excellence in monitoring and optimizing energy costs.

Esteemed Hemargroup customer and partner deservedly won the Watt d'Or 2024. Their dedication to advanced technology and our production support demonstrated excellent synergy between our companies. We can only congratulate Gino, Pascal and their entire team!

A winning partnership:

"I am extremely proud of our partnership with CLEMAP," says Saverio Russo, CMO of Hemargroup. "Receiving this recognition with CLEMAP is an expression of our mutual esteem and dedication to sustainability and innovation, as well as a testament to our commitment to supporting clients (especially if they are startups or SMEs) by going beyond the mere client-supplier relationship."

Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability:

Continuing, Russo highlights, "Hemargroup's commitment to the environment and energy conservation runs deep. Our ISO 14001 certification, choice of environmentally friendly suppliers, and use of sustainable and recycled materials, including in our 3D printing department HLAB, established in 2023, are concrete examples of our dedication to the environment and sustainability. We are happy to position ourselves as a supplier who is not only reliable in quality, but also responsible to the environment and the land."


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