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Smart Wearables

Hemargroup Electronic Manufacturing Services


Electronic Manufacturing Services for Smart Wearables

Wearable devices are becoming omnipresent today. From the fitness industry to the medical one, product leaders are always looking for a technology breakthrough which could change our lives. At Hemargroup, as an electronic contract manufacturing company, we take care of wearable devices manufacturing from the engineering stage, by focusing on design to cost and assembly, as well as user experience to provide the best experience to the end user.

Wearables  are complex products. In a small space you need to condensate higly innovative technology: having an experienced electronic manufacturing and engineering partner becomes essential in developing a reliable and scalable product, which will eventually be sold in hundreds of thousands. Given our experience, we are able to identify and win these challenges, being the right partner for all the customers that relied on us over these years.

The wearables market is going to outmatch 1 billion devices, worldwide. We’re proud to be a part of it, supporting our customers as an electronics manufacturing company.


Smart Wearables Electronics Contract Manufacturing Excellence

Cutting-edge equipment and years of experience allow us to be one of the most reliable printed circuit board assembly manufacturer partners in EMS for Smart Wearables. We support your growth with unmatched swiss quality and service, all along the lifecycle of your products, thanks to our end-to-end product lifecycle support. 

We, as one of the best electronic manufacturing service providers, are proud to support our customers at each stage of their lifecycle, from engineering to mass production. We manufacture technologically complex products for partners across the globe, from commercial and civil applications to military grade equipment


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