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xFarm - Partner of the Month - 03.2020


We are very proud to announce that our partner of the month for March 2020 is xFarm.

xFarm, founded in 2017, is a SaaS platform that aims to facilitate the digitalization of farms. Their innovative platform simplifies data collection, through Hemargroup made IoT sensors, and their analysis, reducing bureaucracy, improving the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural fields and allowing the traceability of agricultural products.

The open platform is based on a freemium business model and integrates several functionalities in one place, including a cloud-based management software, field IoT sensors, and marketplace with high value-added services (such as irrigation optimization solutions, agro-meteorological forecasts, disease alerts, and precision farming services).

Hemargroup, as a technology and manufacturing partner, has been present since the beginning and is supporting and collaborating for the further development of their IoT sensors and actuators portfolio. For instance, the xSense family of weather stations (powered by DAVIS instruments) has a unique and smart data collection and connectivity module, able to aggregate the data coming from many xNodes (decentralized dependent sensors) and send them to the cloud platform, along with a daily photo of the station's surroundings.

xFarm is now consolidating its presence on the Italian market and expanding into Europe, South America, and Africa.  They aim to strengthen the technology platform (especially in the area of AI and blockchain technology) and release new modules to customers. 

We are very proud to have such a solid and trustworthy network of partners. Let's bring some enthusiasm for this 2020 together.

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