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Christmas is just around the corner and we are very proud to announce our new partner of the month for December 2020: Swiss Smart Factory of 
the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne

The Swiss Smart Factory (SSF) of the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel / Bienne AG (SIPBB) is the first open test and demonstration platform on the subject of Industry 4.0 in Switzerland. The SSF opened on May 23, 2017, and has since received much popularity from industry, research, and society. In the first year of its existence, SSF has set up a fundamental development, test and demonstration infrastructure on the topic of Industry 4.0 at the Ipsach site.

The vision of the SSF is to become Switzerland's leading and internationally recognized competence center in application-oriented research and the transfer of Industry 4.0 and to create an ecosystem of partners in which unique innovations and activities around the topic of Industry 4.0 arise. 

Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne (SIPBB) is a private Swiss non-profit organization that performs and supports industry-focused applied research and development. As part of the national and international network of the Switzerland Innovation Foundation, they want to generate research investments from abroad, promote Swiss innovation and startups and implement research results quickly into marketable products.

Hemargroup is on the edge of Industry 4.0, and strongly support the research and development of this topic, to position Switzerland as the most innovative country also on this field.

This is why, we started to collaborate on the Lighthouse project Industry 4.0. This initiative is intended to show how Industry 4.0 can already work today with an entire production ecosystem. The initiator of the project is the Swiss Smart Factory of the SIPBB. The team collaborating with research director Dominic Gorecky and project manager Michael Wendling, as well as the SSF network, provide the know-how required. The Association for the Promotion of the "Swiss Smart Factory" (FV-SSF) already has 50 members and 40 of these are cooperating in the lighthouse project.

The aim of the project is to build a "transparent" industry 4.0 ecosystem: anyone can follow the entire product lifecycle along the production ecosystem - from product design to packaging.

The product we are building, a drone, is not the purpose of the project. It aims at showing that it is possible to build a huge network of connected partners, which can work together in any field, following the principles of a smart industry 4.0 factory. This is the ecosystem of a "transparent factory".

We wanted also to be transparent about the footprint of the production. We are proud to inform you that the production of a single drone's PCB accounts for 0.44g of CO2, a record of efficiency.

Here's some pictures of the PCB we built for the drone:

as ded


We are very proud to have such a solid and trustworthy network of partners, and to collaborate with SIPBB for the development of this incredible project. 

Learn more about SIPBB at:

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