HG-Pills: Why is DFM (Design For Manufacturing) important for any PCB Design

Why design for manufacturing (DFM) is an important aspect of any PCB Design Process

A correct DFM analysis can help eliminate all the industrialization and production problems that occurred in the past, results of a bad communication between the engineering and the manufacturing department (or company). This problems often led to broken or worse dangerous products, with great cost for the company, in term of warranties and reputation.

Definition of Design for Manufacturing

Design for manufacturing (DFM) is a process that allows manufacturers to optimize the design of a product long before it reaches the production. In this way all the optimal dimensions, materials, and product's behavior can be pre-determined and improved, hopefully eliminating all the errors and allowing for a smooth production of the good.

Improvements in this sense can have an enormous impact on costs, in particular considering mass series 

The aim of DFM

In the past, when an engineer designed a product, he was fully concentrated on the idea and physical requirements. It was not very common that, while designing a product, an engineer thought about its production requirements and availability. The result of this was that on the production phase of product development, all the errors and mistakes came out, increasing the total costs of production and often slowing down its time to market. Additionally, the final manufacturers often rushed to produce the product and solve these defects, increasing the chance of presenting malfunctioning products to the end customer.


The correct DFM allows all stakeholders of the product development journey to be aligned, sharing their knowledge and requirements. This increased communication allow to create a better product, in less time, solving all the problems that might happen long before they actually do.


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