Hemargroup's reaction measures for COVID-19

Last Update: 11.03.2020
Hemargroup factory and services are operative 100%. The supply chain is guaranteed unless further notice.
All our workers and families are healthy and, up to now not directly affected by Coronavirus.
Given the emergency, and the precautionary measures caused by Coronavirus - in medical terms Covid-19 - regarding China and other key-chain suppliers, Hemargroup decided to adopt the government suggested important countermeasures, which might be helpful for all manufacturing companies who want to follow the best practices.
We have applied some mandatory preventive measures for all visitors and collaborators:
  1. Wash and disinfect your hands
  2. Cough or sneeze in a handkerchief or inside your elbow
  3. Put on protective masks in case of any external contact
  4. Avoid handshakes and any body contact
  5. Correctly dispose of potentially infected handkerchiefs, masks, etc.
  6. Preparation of a smart-working/home-office crisis plan
  7. Continuous risk analysis and flexible production planning
  8. Regular contact with suppliers and customers, in order to constantly monitor the situation

In addition to these measures, in order to protect the health of visitors and employees, we decided to offer company visit tours ONLY in virtual form, thanks to the use of the latest digital technologies.

In the last months, we have seen the spread of this global epidemy. Even if the danger coefficient of the Covid-19 is low, it is having an impact on our economy, with many providers that were not able to carry on the orders, due to enforced closing as stated in government regulations.

As electronic developer, producer and manufacturer, we are ready to help any entity in need of a fast and reliable EMS, allowing companies to continue their activity and production flow without expensive interruption.
Our crisis management team is available for any question related to freezed supply chains, blocked
production or refilling a suffering warehouse.

If you desire more information, or you want to schedule your virtual company visit, contact us.
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