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HemarGroup: electronic planning and prototyping

hemargroup prototyping services

Have a project in mind? Want to develop a personalised electronic device? Whether you're an entrepreneur, a researcher, or a new or existing company, we can help you to develop a new or updated product or anticipate a future trend.

Welcome to HemarGroup electronic project development.


Now you've come up with your idea, you’ll need to produce a prototype. You’d probably like to do it yourself, in which case here are some factors to bear in mind.

Making your own prototype is fun! It's a highly challenging but perfectly possible task. You can turn your idea into a prototype in a few simple steps. There are two main problems you may encounter:

  • Spending more money than necessary, and frequent headaches
  • Long lead times, particularly if you can't focus on the project fulltime

Another key aspect to bear in mind when you begin building a prototype is obtaining stakeholder feedback and distributing the product, assuming that you’ve done your own prototyping. 

Launching your product might seem like plain sailing after the complexities of prototyping; in reality, there will be more obstacles to overcome. When it comes to developing a prototype, you’ll need to adopt a strategic approach. You can't launch a new electronic product based entirely on a development kit. If you do, the product is likely to be too big and expensive, and no investor will want to finance it without proof that it works.

Do you know exactly what consumers want, based on feedback from them?

The main thing you need at this stage is market data: profits will come later.

And if you’re prototyping a service rather than a product, you’ll need to jump through more hoops, because selling a service is a different process to selling a product. Firstly, because you have nothing concrete to show people, except perhaps an app. In this situation, your first priority should be to obtain reviews and other feedback.

Whether you're prototyping a product or service, it’s important to monitor early indicators such as Google Analytics, online chatbots, and user experience evaluation services using ratings or emoticons.

There's also another parameter you’ll need to evaluate before locking yourself into prototyping a product, and that's whether your idea involves electronic prototyping, or you’re developing an IoT product. Because in this case, the prototyping will be different to the standard process you’re used to, and you'll need to have a full understanding of its dynamics.


So what is the ideal solution to electronic prototyping project development?

You're one step away from realising your dream. To bring your new products to market, you should adopt a phased approach, perhaps with the help of a specialist strategic consultancy.

Phase 1: Conception and prototyping to prove the value of your product. Start by using a development kit or electronic modules.

Phase 2: Develop the product to prove that it will sell. Make a few examples to market test in stores or at trade fairs. Get feedback.

Phase 3: Begin production and maximise profits

After your product launch, you'll hopefully see production volumes gradually increasing. Now it's time to make a personalised device that achieves increased autonomy and reduces the cost of using a standard module, thereby increasing your margins.


HemarGroup is a strategic electronics manufacturing partner for companies. We can help you to manage your IOT.

We research, develop and design hardware and software for circuit boards, and manage the whole prototyping, testing and certification process. To help your company achieve a digital transformation, you need strategic technology solutions to match the challenges of your new project.

Our strength lies in tailored consultancy for all sectors:

  • We can turn your idea into reality, starting from phase 0, the concept.
  • We produce made-to-measure electronic and mechanical prototypes and printed circuits.
  • We can build and assemble a limited number of devices for market testing.
  • We can then scale up to full production

Our headquarters is in Switzerland, and we also provide logistical services and express production and delivery.

We guarantee product traceability and quality, and can help you find investors and sponsors.

We also draw up the necessary technical documentation and oversee the project over time.

We develop our own

  • Circuit diagrams
  • Printed circuit layouts
  • Component lists
  • Firmware
  • Technical reports and other documentation

We can also speed up the process of obtaining certification and CE marking.

Want to start on your project straight away? Got a great idea to grow your business and looking for a qualified partner? Ask one of our experts for advice.

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