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Hemargroup: Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services for Medtech

Hemargroup: Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services for Medtech

In this article we will explore the future trends of the medtech industry and how a certified EMS company like us can help you overcome all the challenges associated to engineering, producing and launching a successful medtech product.

1) Miniaturization

The current progress of medicine, and the availability of smaller, but more powerful components is pushing the demand of OEMs for smaller devices. The capabilities of new sensor technologies continue to push the limits of design and manufacturing processes for electronics-embedded devices and equipment. In addition, the new discoveries in medicine and the possibilities offered by technology, offer new ways to fight diseases or monitor health, with smart implants that could be inserted directly on organs or circulate in the blood flow. Something that was related to science fiction, only few years ago! In this case, an EMS partner with Design-for-Manufacturing capabilities, such as Hemargroup, is vital for the success of the product.

2) Low Power

Along with miniaturization, comes Low Power. The current advancements in battery management and the development of sensors and communication protocols that require less energy to work, are pushing medtech devices to new horizons. This becomes vital, when developing health monitoring devices that needs to be implanted and work continuously for long period of times. The old equation between device dimension and battery lifetime is coming to an end. Any OEM should check its partner capabilities in energytech and Design-for-Procurement, ensuring the best condition for battery components and software.

3) AI-IoT Integration

Last, but not least, the biggest trend for the medtech market is the development of smarter devices. The advancements in the artificial intelligence industry, both in terms of hardware and software, is allowing a lot of challenging applications. Diagnostics, Health parameters monitoring, Medication Tracker, Fall Detection... the number of smart devices and solutions on the market is constantly growing. This is possible thanks to the cooperation between AI and smart algorithms, running on devices or in the cloud, and the development of IoT hardware collecting more and more data, while ensuring a fast and stable  communication with platforms and services. In this way, doctors and care givers are always updated on the real-time conditions of their patients. An EMS with advance engineering capabilities, such Hemargroup, is able to tackle this challenge quickly, creating smart solutions on the edge of IoT and AI developments.

By being certified ISO 13485, we can support your manufacturing requirements in one of the most stringent industry: our Medical experience cover a wide range of specific industries, from diagnosis equipment to handheld devices, from printed circuit boards assembly (PCBA) to the finished products.

Swiss quality, processes and traceability are key components of a successful medical product: with our single-component traceability and our EMS experience, we can support our customers at each stage of their product lifecycle.

Cutting-edge equipment and years of experience allow us to be one of the most reliable printed circuit board assembly manufacturer partners in EMS for Medical. We support your growth with unmatched swiss quality and service, all along the lifecycle of your products, thanks to our end-to-end product lifecycle support. 

We, as one of the best electronic manufacturing service providers, are proud to support our customers at each stage of their lifecycle, from engineering to mass production. We manufacture technologically complex products for partners across the globe, from commercial and civil applications to military grade equipment.

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