Healing House - Partner of the Month - 10.2020

healing house

The Digital Autumn in Ticino brings a breath of innovation, and given our participation to Visionary Day, we wanted to give visibility to one of our partners, who will participate in the event with us.

Healing House is a medtech company, specialized in the production of healing and rehab devices. 

Its mission is promoting integral health care and the improvement  of wellbeing through holistic development in harmony with itself and with the environment.

Healing House strives to improve health and well-being of the human being at all levels, applying latest technology and scientific studies, trough pulsed electromagnetic field devices, which are safe and easy to use, without side effects, stimulating the self-healing capacities of the organism.

Their product, MyMat, designed and built with our support, is a huge worldwide success. MyMat stimulates the body's self-healing capacities using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. Its technology combines modern scientific research and ancient knowledge about the energetic structure of the human being. These devices are non-invasive, safe and easy to use, without side effects.

Healing House aims to be a nationally and internationally recognized company for its performance in promotion, of integral health care and human development with a holistic approach and in harmony with the natural and social environment. We are very happy to collaborate with them, offering our 360° solutions for design, engineering, and production.

We are very proud to have such a solid and trustworthy network of partners. 

 Learn more about Healing House and MyMat at: https://healinghouse.life/

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