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Gimasi - Partner of the Month - 05.2020

gimasi iot

Spring has finally arrived and we are very proud to announce our new partner of the month for May 2020: Gimasi

Gimasi is an IoT design and engineering company, helping customers to transform and deliver products for the upcoming IoT revolution.
They also sell modules and products for multi-protocol IoT and development platforms.

We are pleased to collaborate with Gimasi team, which are always demonstrating their strong support and expertise in the IoT field.

With deep knowledge of hardware design, low level software development and Cloud platforms integration, Gimasi helps startups and Fortune500 companies in achieving their most ambitious IoT challenges with passion and competence.

Thanks to a team of skilled professionals covering many aspects of IoT Hardware and Firmware development, 3D casing design and Certification processing, they offer a single-stop-shop for end to end IoT development.

Gimasi offers all of its support in:
  • Electronic Design: with an engineering team that covers  digital, analog, RF and antenna design
  • Firmware Development: RTOS, device drivers, low power programming, full TCP/IP stack, UI design
  • Industrial Design: end to end IoT means also casing design and production
  • Pre-Compliance and Certification: certifications are complicated – we can remove all the hostile part from it. Starting at design level and deciding the correct RF setup for hassle free certification
  • Production: Gimasi has the ability to support you in the final production thanks to its EMS partner Hemargroup.

Gimasi is a Swiss excellency for every company or startup looking for a capable, solid, and reliable partner to develop their IoT. On top, we are very happy to collaborate with them, offering a 360° solutions for design, engineering, and production (up to 1.000.000 pieces) for all of our customers.

We are very proud to have such a solid and trustworthy network of partners. 

Learn more about Gimasi at: www.gimasi.ch

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