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FutureCare - Partner of the Month - 07.2020


Summer has finally arrived and we are very proud to announce our new partner of the month for July 2020: FutureCare

Future Care is an italian startup focused on creating technological devices capable of solving the main needs of the elderly with simplicity and ease of use, while  improving their quality of life.

As the number of people over the age of sixty grows, most want to stay in their homes as long as possible. With that said, there will be a greater need to find ways to help them age in place, and this is where remote monitoring systems can be most useful. FutureCare help track our elderly parents when they are at home alone, which means that help can be available at the touch of a button if they need it.

Remote monitoring technology actually began with baby monitors, but today it helps adult children and caregivers see, hear and respond to the needs of their elderly parents while they are working, at school, or taking care of their children. Having these systems in place also give senior parents peace of mind from knowing that emergency services will respond if there is a fall situation or a medical problem.

In this regards, the result of 25 years of experience in caring for the elderly, enable FutureCare to create technology to ensure that the elderly live their days in safety and serenity and that families have monitoring systems that, without invading people's privacy, can guarantee control.
It's the case of Looky, a Home Assisted Living system that helps the elderly to comply with drug therapy, detect falls and monitors the elderly's behavior at home. It represents a solution for the tranquility of family members and the elderly himself without violating privacy in case of safety and assistance in case of need.

We are very proud to have such a solid and trustworthy network of partners, and to collaborate with FutureCare for the development of their tech products. 

Learn more about FutureCare at: http://www.futurecare.it/

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