Covid Doesn't Stop Hemargroup's Human Capital Investments


The impact of Coronavirus has forced many companies to rethink their strategies, especially in terms of human resources.

We at Hemargroup, confirming our commitment to our corporate social responsibility policies, have not let this pandemic stop us, but have decided to invest in improving the quality of work and the well-being of our employees.

Taking advantage of the benefits offered by Robotic Process Automation and after a careful analysis of our processes, thanks to the tools offered by the industry 4.0, we realized the need to upgrade our test center with robotic arms.

The need for innovation has arisen to exploit the advantages of production efficiency and reduction of bottlenecks, offered by industrial automation, in completely repetitive and predictable tasks.

In addition, our goal was to free our employees from those less productive task and to assign them to much more challenging situations, where the human contribution offers enormous advantages in terms of quality and added value. Improving the well-being of our employees, together with a career development, was therefore one of the objectives of this project. 

The purchase of new robotic machines will allow us to be more responsive to our customers' requests, ensuring the respect of deadlines and the Swiss Made quality that distinguishes us.

Our investments in robot process automation will not only improve our production capacity, but also reinvest human capital from repetitive, low value-added roles to jobs where it is of fundamental importance and indeed a competitive advantage.

Despite the impact of Coronavirus on the labor market, we continue to invest in our employees to ensure their growth and development, even in difficult times.

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