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Clemap - Partner of the Month - 06.2020

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Summer has officialy started and we are very proud to announce our new partner of the month for June 2020: CLEMAP

CLEMAP is an energy data analytics, platform and metering provider company in the emerging energy smart metering, submetering and IoT market.

It is a honor to collaborate with Clemap team, which are always demonstrating their strong support and expertise in the Energy Monitoring and IoT fields.


CLEMAP applies machine learning to Smart Meter data, automatizing processes and reducing the need for human intervention, saving costs and opening new potentials from data as a source of value, for energy and metering providers.

Their hardware and software help you to know, optimize and reduce your power consumption. CLEMAP solutions are smart systems that inform the customer about the current energy consumption to help them make decisions about their usage.

CLEMAP’s sensors have a higher sampling rate than standard metering systems, enabling the detection of electrical appliances on the grid. This process is commonly known as load disaggregation. The information about electricity consumption is displayed in detail on CLEMAP’s proprietary iOS, Android or Web Application. Further API interfaces are available.

Clemap offers all of its energy analytics and power consumption optimization support to:
  • Private Customers;
  • Small and Medium Enterprises;
  • Big Corporations.
Clemap is a Swiss excellency for every private or company looking for a reliable and out-the-box solution, to easily monitor and optimize the cost of energy consumption. We are very happy to collaborate with them, providing our technological support for the manufacturing of their hardware.

We are very proud to have such a solid and trustworthy network of partners. 

Learn more about Clemap at: www.clemap.ch

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