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Bibus - Partner of the Month - 02.2020

bibus partner of february 2020 hemargroup

February has just started, and we are very proud to announce our new partner of the month: Bibus.

BIBUS AG is a trading, service and manufacturing company that has been in existence for over 70 years. They sell products in pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanics, drive technology, electrical engineering / electronics and automation.

We are pleased to collaborate with Bibus team, which are always demonstrating their guiding principle of delivering the right product in the required quality at the promised date at a reasonable price.

Together with their partners, managers and employees, they have continued to build on the foundation laid by Dipl. Ing. Hans Bibus in 1947 and already further expanded and developed by his son Felix Bibus.

From being exclusively a steel trader, without its own warehouse, Bibus has developed over the decades more and more in the direction of its current three business segments: technology, materials and electronics. The same core competencies are pursued in all three segments: engineering, logistics and services – to differing degrees depending on the business segment.

International progress in the area of communications and the associated “general” knowledge of foreign procurement sources have triggered and promoted the first steps for further development, towards new, company-specific expertise. Pure steel trading was slowly replaced by the addition of new technological products requiring explanation or engineering. The step from the individual company to a corporate group was complete.

With their branches in European and Asian countries, they can ensure a global service, mantaining an excellent level of quality, as we had the opportunity to see in these years of brilliant collaboration.
We are very proud to have such a solid and trustworthy network of partners. Let's bring some enthusiasm for this 2020 together.

Learn more about Bibus at: www.bibus.ch

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