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Swiss Made Electronics Manufacturing Services


Your reliable, flexible and responsive Electronic Manufacturing Services partner for the development and production of electronic devices. We Engineer, Prototype, Assemble, and Produce Your Electronic Products.



by HSCS Sagl

From the idea to the final product, our engineering experts are at your service.
No matter at which stage your product lifecycle is, we provide engineering support services to develop, optimize and industrialize your product.

Hardware and Software Development
Prototyping and 0-Series
Production-Oriented Industrialization
EMC/EMV Design Support
Redesign and Upgrade
Technical Analysis and Documentation
Electronic Circuits Diagram Design
Virtual Layout and Simulation
Dedicated Development
3D Project Modeling and Integration
Express Service
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by Sefa SA

From the first prototype to the mass production of your device, we aim to reduce your product's time to market, forecasting mass production and managing the end-to-end lifecycle. Our team of experts will help you upgrade, finalize, optimize and industrialize your new or existing products.

SMD and THT Electronics Assembly
Testing and Programming
Quality Assurance and Traceability
Rework, Repairs, and Updates
Mechanical and Final Assembly
Warehouse and Logistics
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by Hemar AG

We take care of your project from A to Z.
From in-house design to prototype creation, from new product market introduction to mass production: we support our customers at each stage of their product lifecycle, from the startup to the corporate, through advanced electronic manufacturing services (EMS) capabilities and dedicated customer service.

Materials and Components
Startup Support
After Sales
Quality Assurance
Express Services
Dedicated Warehouse
Packaging and Logistics
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Startup & IOT

Turn your dreams into reality with Hemargroup.
When you have a startup, it's very difficult to find a solid and reliable partner which can follow you along with the development of your business. Hemargroup is one of the few European players who can offer a 360° support to startups. From developing your idea to building the first prototype, from studying a marketing strategy to starting the mass production, from managing the logistics to having a dedicated warehouse.  

Idea and Market Development
Engineering and Prototyping Services
Small Series and Mass Production
Marketing Services
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The World of Hemargroup

hemar electronics ag

Hemar AG


Hemar Electronic AG was founded in 1974. Today it is an international Electronic Manufacturing Services Company. Established as a component importer, it soon formed alliances with strong EMS partners for the production of finished electronic assemblies, swiss-made for the world market.
The main purpose of Hemar Electronic is to offer a strategic and integrated quality EMS service. We carefully choose the raw materials and components necessary for the realization of the products, following the projects until their introduction on the market.
Precisely for this reason Hemar Electronic AG acquired SEFA SA in 2010, with the aim of increasing its flexibility and speed of reaction to requests, maintaining and indeed increasing the high levels of quality and precision achieved.

sefa sa

Sefa SA


SEFA SA was founded in 1972 and joined the Hemar Group in 2010. The know-how derived from modern, state-of-the-art management has enabled SEFA SA to achieve steady, future-oriented, future-oriented growth in the world of electronic assembly.
We tackle every challenge in the world of electronics with knowledge of the facts, proposing new solutions and offering a high integration of the various engineering, prototyping, and mass production processes.
Our employees are distinguished by their flexibility, expertise, and experience. Through regular training and further education, we maintain a high standard of the necessary technical knowledge.

HSCS sagl



To increase and complete its offer in the electronics sector, Hemargroup decides to acquire HSCS Sagl in 2019. Hemargroup adds a key component to its offer to corporate and private customers.

HSCS Sagl combines the experience gained in hôtellerie, industrial, public and consumer fields, bringing to its customers great advantages and significant improvements in their organizations, introducing the use of advanced technologies in the field of IOT, Drone Systems, LED/Light-management, domotic, e-entertainment, automation, systems integration and security.