Electronic Manufacturing & Services

We are for you...competent, flexible, reliable and innovative

We create the electronics for your next future

Thank to our broad range of cutting-edge machines and our skilled staff, we offer a reliable and flexible production chain, which allows us to deal with any quantity or quality request.

We take care of you since the beginning

Our main goal is to offer the best possible service to our customers.

All Around Your Products

As a reliable and flexible partner, we face any challenge in the development and procution of electronic products with professionalism and a focus on individual needs.


From the first idea onto the next one,electronics lies in the middle.

Thank to our state-of-the-art machine park and to our highly qualified people, our production chain is reliable and flexible…


All around your products.

As a reliable and flexible partner, we face any challenge in the development and production of electronic assemblies…


We take care of you since the beginning.

From Start-Up support, through material management, to the After-Sales, we take care of your valuable electronic products during their full lifetime…

Do you have a new project, data to collect or a product to develop? Do you have the right idea to upgrade your business and you are looking for a qualified partner?

Thanks to a solid experience, we understand the needs of our customers, identify the critical issues and propose solutions in line with the most effective development of the sought product.

  • SMD
  • THT
  • BGA
  • Pulse Heat Soldering
  • Hardware and Software Development
  • Prototyping and 0-Series
  • Production oriented design
  • AOI Inspections
  • In-Circuit Test
  • Functional test
  • In House Test adapter construction
  • Creation and design of custom made testing programs
  • Conformal Coating
  • Cabling
  • Integration
  • Casing & Packaging
  • Research
  • Costs Optimization
  • Second Source Suppliers
  • Comparative Offers
  • Components Upgrade
  • Redesign
  • Technical documentation
  • In-House Stock
  • Start-Up Support
  • End of life Services

Assembly of electronic boards

We offer a recognized and certified quality of components, materials and processes. You can realize your project both on a small scale and on a large scale, thanks to a cutting-edge production chain in the sector. Our qualified staff, with a presence in the electronic sector of over 40 years, follows you from the design phase to the after-sales phase.

With particular attention to the start-ups that need a technological support that goes from the development of the idea to the testing phase and towards those projects of the Internet of Things, which represent the future of the electronics.

The EMS strategic partner to design, produce, test and distribute and support your technological product.

Hemar Electronic AG (est. 1982) and SEFA SA (est. 1972) created HemarGroup in 2010, merging over 40 years of experience in the electronics world.

Hemar AG


Hemar Electronic ag was founded in 1982. Born as a component import-and-reseller company, it has since the beginning being offering the production of finished electronic assemblies, thank to the support of solid EMS partners.


The main goal of hemar electronic is to offer the best possible EMS services to the customers, from the material and component management through the realization of their products, following them to the market introduction.


To better achieve this result, in 2010 hemar electronic ag has acquired SEFA SA, to improve the flexibility and the reliability of its services.



The company SEFA SA was founded in 1972 and is part of Hemar Electronic AG since 2010. The Know How in electronics manufacturing acquired in more than forty years by this modern, forward-looking family-run business has allowed SEFA SA to achieve constant and solid growth.


Every challenge in the world of electronics is faced with professional competence, which guarantees a high level of engineering, prototyping and series production.


Our employees are characterized by their flexibility, dexterity and a great deal of experience. Through regular training and further education courses an extensive technological know-how is given.



In order to increase and complete its offer in the electronics sector, Hemargroup decided to acquire, in 2019, HSCS Sagl. Hemargroup adds a fundamental element to its offer to corporate and private customers


HSCS Sagl combines the experience acquired in the hotel, industrial, public and consumer sectors, bringing its customers great advantages and significant improvements in their structures, introducing the use of cutting-edge technologies.


The professionalism of HSCS is expressed in Technology solutions, IOT, Drone Systems, LED/Light-management, domotics, e-entertainment, automation, systems integration and security. 

Electronic is our world. Manufacturing our passion.